Birth Doula Support

Note: I will not be accepting new clients as of June 2018.  Please see the Upper Valley Doulas directory to find a birth doula.


Birth doula support commences with a free consultation to explore what you’re looking for from birth doula support and what I offer as a doula.  You are under no obligation to choose me as your doula after this consultation; it is just an opportunity to have a conversation and see if you feel comfortable with my doula practice.

Our next step is preparation for childbirth.  We meet twice in your home during your pregnancy to discuss your birth wishes and what you think will be helpful for you.  We go over comfort measures for labor, including different positions, soothing touch, hot/cold therapy, encouraging words, and much more.  We practice these comfort measures so that your partner or other support person feels comfortable helping you during early labor.  We can talk about logistics and practical preparation, and we can talk about your emotional experience of pregnancy and the birthing process.  I am also available for phone and email support throughout your pregnancy.

I am then on-call for you from when you are 37 weeks pregnant until you give birth!  When you call me to attend your labor, I strive to maintain a calming presence and help you create an environment where you feel safe and empowered.  My tasks as a birth doula are varied; I might provide massage during contractions, fetch coffee for a tired partner, or provide a listening ear or a hand to squeeze.  I might keep cold wash cloths on your head, suggest a position change, or give you and your partner space to be alone.  Every birth is unique, but my role is ultimately the same for every birth: to support you physically and emotionally, wherever this journey takes you!

I stay for 1-2 hours after your baby is born.  A few weeks later I visit you in your home to congratulate you and admire your child!  This is an opportunity to process and reflect on your birth experience, and also to discuss your experience of the postpartum period and get you connected with any resources that may be helpful.


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The complete birth doula package is $1100 for new clients.  For repeat clients, I provide a sliding scale between the fee that you paid the first time we worked together and my current fee.

For clients who only desire support at their birth and don’t want any prenatal or postpartum meetings, I offer basic birth doula support for $800.  You can add on a childbirth preparation meeting for $150.

Information on Payment Options