Postpartum Doula Support

Note: I will not be accepting new clients as of June 2018. Please see the Upper Valley Doulas directory to find a postpartum doula.

When people think about doulas, they usually think of birth doulas.  But there’s a another type of doula called a postpartum doula.  As a postpartum doula, my goal is to support and care for new parents so that they can focus on caring for their new baby.

Postpartum doula support commences with a consultation, free of charge, to see if I am the right postpartum doula for your family.  If we decide to work together, we meet in your home once or twice a week for three to twelve weeks.  Shifts last between three and eight hours. I help you with your practical needs, like meal preparation, household organization (laundry, dishes, light housekeeping), or running errands.  I can hold your baby while you take a shower or nap, or spend time with your older child. I provide information and guidance with newborn care such as breast and bottle feeding, diapering, and infant soothing.  As your doula I am present as a support person for your emotional experience of the postpartum period.  Ideally, a postpartum doula will work herself out of a job as families find their groove.  I love being present for the transition that families make in the months after their new family member is born.

Locations Served:

I live in Randolph Vermont and work within a 45-minute driving radius of where I live.  This includes Montpelier, Barre, Northfield, Randolph, Hanover, West Lebanon, Norwich, and surrounding towns.


  • 6 weeks of support: $1000 (Two days per week of newborn and postpartum doula care in your home: 36 total hours of support)
  • 3 weeks of support: $550 (Two days per week of newborn and postpartum doula care in your home: 18 total hours of support)
  • One session: $200 (One day of newborn and postpartum care support in your home: six total hours of support)
  • If you would like full days of support (8 hour shifts) for two or more days per week, my hourly rate is $27.

Information on Payment Options