“I waited until pretty late in the game to decide to get a doula, and even then I wasn’t convinced that it was totally necessary. My husband was even less sure as he didn’t really understand what a doula was there to do. But we decided to go for it anyway and met with Jess just a few weeks before I was due – we felt so comfortable with her right away and she shared a lot of useful information about the birthing process & what she would offer….” read more


“My husband and I were unsure if we wanted a doula at first. This being our first child, we had this thought that we wanted to be fully “in it” together — for my husband to be the “head coach” and for me to be the “MVP” of this birthing experience. What we didn’t realize, and what became clear after meeting Jessica and Mary Etna, is that we were gearing up for him to be the head coach of a sport he’d never seen, and for me to be the MVP of a sport I’d never played!…” read more